Chair Force Engineer

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Watch out, Radioactive Man!

The Nuclear Surety Inspection at Kirtland went well, according to the base paper. I was able to experience part of the inspection with the Readiness Support Team, which decontaminates people emerging from an accident site.

The team performed well, given that it was the first experience running a decontamination station for many of us. Mad props go to the captain, who led us ably during his first drill.

All I could think of during the inspection was how tight the mask was against my face. I kept adjusting it, relieving pressure on my forehead. Note to self: loosen the mask next time. The hood will keep it plenty tight.

Being on the RST is a pretty visible volunteer opportunity, and I'd recommend it to anybody who gets the chance. We get in the base paper all the time, and we get called away from work to run around in yellow suits and duct tape.