Chair Force Engineer

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who wears short shorts?

Evolution of Air Force & ROTC shorts

When I first started ROTC, all cadets were issued a blue/gray physical training uniform. It was best known for the blue shorts, where the crotch came halfway down to your knees. Basically, the shorts looked like a big blue diaper. The shorts also had a gray, textured liner that earned the naughty nickname "The Asbestos Nutsack." Needless to say, cadets were quite entertained by the poorly-designed uniform.

Around 2003, cadets were issued the physical training uniform worn by the rest of the Air Force. It was a pair of light gray shorts and a light gray shirt. The shorts were well-designed; they actually had legs, and did not look like a diaper. My only knock against this uniform was the cheap drawstring, which easily tore off.

The only thing constant in the Air Force is change, and in late 2004 or so, a new physical fitness uniform came out for all Air Force personnel (I suspect that it was designed so we could show up the Army and their new PT uniform.) First off, the warmups (zippered jacket and pants) are hella-expensive. Second, the diaper is back with a vengeance. Although the materials have changed, the same diaper-like design is back. Some of my friends who are still in ROTC report that there's already a nickname for this new pair of shorts: "Ball Huggers Two-Point-Oh-My-God."