Chair Force Engineer

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Going Postal

Today, we received this tasty morsel in our e-mail boxes:

Please make sure to send only “plain” boxes for shipment through the mail room. They have been receiving lots of computer boxes and/or boxes with lots of writing/graphics on them making it harder for them to distinguish where the proper mailing information is located. If you are receiving an order from a computer company please try and request they send to you in an “unmarked” box if at all possible. I appreciate your understanding and attention in this matter.

Hmm... perhaps they are referring to the two shoe boxes I mailed out during the last week, or the computer monitor box that I reused. Well, it's tough cookies for the incompetent gastropods in the mail room. When packing materials are hard to find, I turn to resourceful solutions that reduce the amount of waste that America generates.

Of course, the same sloths in the mail room are the people who, after I walked all the way to their building, wouldn't let me pick up my package because of their inability to read the list of people authorized for mail pickup. They also refused to call my division's secretary to check my credentials. After I walked back to the office, I had the secretary call the mail room to confirm my eligibility for picking up mail. When I asked the mail-slackers if they could drop the package off at my office, they made me walk back to their building for a second time. It made me really mad, and started the long chain of events which transformed me into a libertarian.

The US Air Force... providing incompetent people with jobs since 1947.