Chair Force Engineer

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Parking Vultures

During today's excursion to UNM, I parked in one of the 24-hour lots off Yale street just south of campus. Basically, you park your car in a numbered spot, then you are on your honor to put your money into a big box with a slot for each parking spot. How well is the lot monitored? I can't say for sure.

As I was walking back to the lot after class, a guy in a beat-up pickup asked if I was parked in one of the lots. While I told him "yes," I kept on walking while thinking to myself, Stay the hell away from me, you creepy bum.

As it turns out, he followed me into the parking lot and asked where I was parked. At the same time, a lady in a beat-up hatchback asked me the same question. As I pulled out, the guy in the pickup rolled into my spot. Apparently he wanted to park in my spot and use up the remaining 23 hours of parking I had bought with my $1.50. Maybe somebody should have told him that it's highly unlikely that you'll get towed away if you don't pay, since the lots don't issue passes when you hand over your money.