Chair Force Engineer

Monday, October 10, 2005

X-Prize Cup (Part 3/4)

X-Cor and Armadillo Aerospace both made powered flights during the day. I was taken by surprise when the flights started because of an ineffective PA system.

The X-Cor EZ Rocket, piloted by astronaut Rick Searfoss.

EZ Rocket being towed prior to its second flight of the day.

A mockup of Armadillo's space tourism vehicle.

One of Armadillo's test articles. During Armadillo's first flight, the test rocket lifted a short distance off the ground, hovered, translated while in hover, landed, and tipped over. No repeat of the DC-XA's tragic death, however.

The Cosmopolis XXI. It looks sleek, but not much has been made public about the project since the mockup was unveiled in 2002.

Starchaser's capsule. Starchaser's promotional literature explains that they selected New Mexico because of its uncongested air corredors. That's a polite way of saying there's absolutely nothing out here.