Chair Force Engineer

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Read It For the Article 15's...

Much of the Air Force is talking about the sergeant who faces disciplinary action after she posed for Playboy. It's a weighty question, because it has implications for how much control the armed forces can exercise over its members when they are off duty.

I have a very libertarian perspective on life, and I generally don't believe in punishing people if they're not harming others. However, I believe that members of the armed forces should keep their professional and private lives separate from each other. In this case, the sergeant in question crossed a line and used her position as a noncommissioned officer in the Air Force to gain public exposure and notoriety. In that event, the Air Force has every right to protect its image. At the same time, many members of the Air Force are concerned that the Playboy sergeant will face an extremely stiff sentence in order to "make an example" of her.

At the same time, it's worth considering whether Chair Force Engineer is crossing a similar line. I really have no credibility as an engineer, and using my title may convince certain gullible people into giving my judgements an undeserved degree of respect. Undoubtedly the Air Force probably disapproves of this blog. Then again, they should take comfort in knowing that I will never be able to pose in the buff for a magazine. I'm so hairy that only Field & Stream would be interested in my pictures.