Chair Force Engineer

Monday, July 03, 2006


I just finished watching the teaser for the upcoming Transformers Movie. I have to voice my objection that Michael Bay is confusing people by talking about the "Beagle 2" Mars lander in his teaser, yet using footage from (or inspired by) the far more successful Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

Much like The DaVinci Code, I take strong objection to when Hollywood muddles with history in the making of a movie. While people should be smart enough to learn the facts on their own, many are lazy enough to digest Hollywood's miseducation. In this case, it should be noted that Beagle 2 was a cheap and dirty mission that failed based on its own merits (or lack thereof.) Spirit and Opportunity were done far more professionally by the people who learned from the mistakes of previous Mars mission failures.

And why has Michael bay earned the nickname "Crapfinger"? Because every movie he touches turns to crap. Just look at Pearl Harbor. Only The Rock survived the curse of Crapfinger. As a fan of the Transformers during childhood, I can only hope that Crapfinger doesn't transform the Transformers movie (and franchise) into a steaming pile of feces.