Chair Force Engineer

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Beer & Ice Cream

I have recently discovered the most perfect dinner combination: beer & ice cream. I came to this realization because I've been doing a lot of business travel and haven't been restocking my refrigerator very often. Beer and ice cream may be the last two foodstuffs remaining in my apartment.

I had beer & ice cream for dinner last Thursday. I had it again on Friday. The problem with Friday is that I lost my spoon somewhere and couldn't find it, regardless of how hard I searched.

Last Tuesday I had to catch a flight at Phoenix Sky Harbor. The one thing you must understand about the Phoenix airport is that it sucks ass. I mean, it's worse than O'Hare, and it may even be worse than Boston-Logan. Every restaurant was too crowded, so I got "dinner" at a TCBY. Later, the people I was traveling with convinced me to partake in their ritual "tall expensive airport beer" that occurs after holding a meeting at a contractor facility. I had a Sam Adams. If you count fat-free frozen yogurt as ice cream, you could say that beer & ice cream was my meal for three nights in the course of a week.

As for my MIA spoon, I finally located it last night. It had somehow gotten underneath my oven. Perhaps beer & ice cream led to a very wild night.