Chair Force Engineer

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Falcon Fallout

Late in July, I created a stir by speaking at length about the Falcon IX rocket. Suddenly, my little blog came to the attention of all space boosters wanting to get the inside story on Elon Musk's next rocket.

However, the newfound fame (infamy is a better term) made me realize that it was inappropriate for me to comment on Falcon IX before a public announcement had been made. This was wrong on my part, a youthful indiscretion, and I hope to make sure it never happens again.

My biggest fear is that Elon Musk would be pissed at the Air Force because of something I had said. However, it appears that Elon Musk has much bigger reasons to be pissed off at the Air Force. All we can hope is that this dispute is resolved, that the Falcon I inaugural launch (scheduled for October) goes off without a hitch, and that SpaceX and the Air Force can build a strong and mutually-beneficial relationship.