Chair Force Engineer

Monday, May 16, 2005

Hello Albuquerque

The following post is my recollections from the day I got to Kirtland:

To begin with, I think that Butch O'Hare would be rolling in his watery grave if he knew how much the airport that bears his name sucks. It's just way too congested. Don't get me started on the boobs from the Transportation Safety Administration. They confiscated a four-inch-long crescent wrench from my carry-on. Apparently I can bludgeon a pilot with it (despite my commitment to defend this nation and give my life for it, if necessary.) Perhaps they should be protecting the nation from REAL TERRORISTS instead of the United States Air Force.

Kirtland is a beautiful place. As soon as I saw the mountains and the F-16's and C-130's parked on the strip, I knew I was at home.

My greatest disadvantage while at Kirtlandis my lack of a vehicle--it's an awfully big base. My greatest advantage is my sponsor officer, who has done more for me than I could have ever asked.

I've done a lot of walking and dropped a lot of money around base. Hopefully it will pay off in the next few weeks.